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 A non refundable booking fee of £100- £150  is required to secure our photography service

Once booking has been confirmed with booking payment, contract has been entered into and all our terms and conditions apply.

On-line & phone bookings are subject to receiving a booking fee of £150 within 2 days of booking, we can not guarantee your booking till such time payment has been received.

All booking are subject to availability.

Full payment is due one week prior to the date of the event by bank transfer or other electronic means,or by cash. If balance is not paid prior to wedding date then we presume wedding has been cancelled

All images/recordings remain the copyright of  Mack photography and video but you may make unlimited prints and albums and put on social media as long as it is non commercial, unless agreed and received in writing

In the event of cancellation all monies paid will be forfeit and non returnable.

In the event of postponement, change of time or location, extension to agreed booking time/location etc we reserve the right to cancel the booking and all monies paid will be forfeit,

In the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to cancel and only be liable to refund all monies paid or use an alternative operator to cover the work on our behalf. Notice of changes may not always be given.

In the event of total video/photography failure we shall be limited to a maximum of a full refund.

In the event of partial video/photography failure we shall be limited to a maximum 25% refund of that service.

Master material is not archived and will be re-used after final edit has been completed.

Photographer positions in venues are subject to permission by the venue.

Allow up to 4 weeks for presentation of preview images for photography packages.

We reserve the right to display our work as we see fit and display images/video/data in any form.

If additional photography is required on the day of the event, such photography coverage will be charged at the current hourly rate, per  operator. If in such circumstances additional expenses are incurred such as overnight accommodation, additional transport cost or additional camera crew this will be payable on the day.

We photograph hundreds of photos throughout  the day but we limit formal groups directly after the service   and prior to the wedding breakfast to a  maximum of 15. This is to allow adequate time to also do romantic  photo of just the couples

When working past the wedding breakfast light refreshments are required for the camera operators on the day of the event. If working past midnight or over 100 miles away from the event accommodation will be   required and payable by yourselves in advance.

Specified hours include travel time to start of wedding and from end of wedding back to the studio/home if over 30 minutes i.e: In such case a 1 hour   journey to and from  a venue where the entire wedding is held would  result in 1 hour being deducted from from the eight hour package or an additional charge of an hourly rate could be added if you still require 8 hours actual coverage. If it is 3o minutes travel or less the 8 hours start when we arrive at wedding venue and travel time is not deducted.

We photograph throughout the day  and aim to catch everything. However we do not guarantee we will get every single thing or we will give you every photo taken . If you wish specific things to be photographed you must request it in writing in a list prior to the wedding.

The quantity of photographs delivered is contingent upon the wedding’s duration and the number of attendees. A complete coverage spanning 8 hours with a hundred guests typically yields between 400 to 500 photos, taking into account your preferences for the number of shots and the time dedicated to capturing moments. Our emphasis is on delivering high-quality images over sheer quantity. Please note that we reserve the right to discard photos that do not meet our stringent standards, such as instances where individuals have their eyes closed or images that do not present clients or guests in their optimal light..

If any return of monies/refund is agreed this will be refunded 60 days after such agreement.

All packages, terms & prices are subject to change without notice.

You must contact us at least 1 week before your wedding to conform details and times have not be changed.Failure to contact   leads us to presume the wedding has been cancelled .In which case the above conditions would apply relating to cancellations.In addition you must confirm details are correct on

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